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Our unique services supports your digital marketing and SEO strategies to ensure high brand search visibility.

How We Help Build Solid Foundations for High Brand Search Visibility

Every company that acquires customers online has to protect its ranking in search engines in order to keep profitable. Our product and service offering takes on a holistic approach that ensures customers can rest assured that their brand is protected and has the search visibility it needs for success.

Content Sites

Content Sites from Brand Legends is a bespoke service that improves the rankings of your brand in search results. Built on expired SEO domains, or domains purchased through us or one of our partners, these sites are using their link power to propel your main site to the top page of search results ensuring visibility and traffic influx.

Brand Protection Sites

Brand Protection Sites are customized according to your brand guidelines and design, with the content based on thoroughly researched and selected brand-related keywords. Occupying top positions on the first page of the search results ensure that you gain your share of brand search traffic.

Managed Brand Traffic Protection

Managed Brand Traffic Protection is a comprehensive service to boost your brand search traffic and secure visibility. Our specialists will take care of every little detail – from domain procurement and link building for Content Sites and Brand Protection Sites to content creation, design and development, and tracking and reporting.

Site Support

Support from Brand Legends is an additional service offering maintenance of customers’ Content Sites and Brand Protection Sites and includes WordPress support, Cloudflare DDoS protection and hidden IPs for SEO, server maintenance, virus removal, and OS checkup. This allows your team to spend more time on what’s most important.

The Brand Legends Teams

The Brand Legends approach is geared to ensure every customer receives a custom service, tailor-made to ensure the success and enrichment of their existing digital marketing strategies. Our team consists of specialists who are committed to delivering results.


Customers’ first point of contact with Brand Legends guides customers on the best possible solution and communicates all customer asks with the relevant internal stakeholder.

Project Management

Our team of Project Managers ensures the rest of the team is briefed accordingly while tracking projects and ensuring processes are running smoothly and without a hitch.


Our team of SEO specialists pride themselves on implementing tried and tested strategies and keeping up with all the latest updates and changes in Google’s algorithm.

Content Creation

At Brand Legends, we ensure we can create unique content that is not only of high quality but is also delivered and tailored to your target audience, no matter where you are based.

UI/UX Design

We create both custom and mirror-designs in-house. Our talented designers are experienced and poised to match and exceed customer and audience expectations.

Web Development

Our development team creates cutting-edge websites and apps ensuring that you never have down times when it comes to your SEO performance.

An Overview of Our General Delivery Process

From the moment a customer signs the dotted line, the team of specialists at Brand Legends take it upon themselves to ensure all expectations are met and exceeded, delivering quality work that drives results. It is in both our customers’ and our own best interest that we abide by strict delivery processes while communicating with stakeholders throughout the process.

  • Registration and purchasing of needed domain names

  • SEO keyword research and site specifications

  • Content specifications and templates sent to writers, checked

  • Design and development implemented

  • SEO Quality Assurance

  • Internal fixes made

  • Delivery of sites

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What is 7+4?


  • Do I need to specify topics for my Content Sites?

    It depends largely on your preference and needs. While some customers only invest in Content Sites, others prefer to invest in both. Speak to one of our sales representatives if you are not sure which option is the best for your business.

  • Can we provide our own keywords?

    Absolutely! We do however have an in-house team of SEO specialists who will be able to provide guidance should their findings reflect the need for more or other keywords.

  • Can I use my own hosting for Managed Brand Traffic Protection?

    No, you need to host your sites on a VPS hosted by Internet Vikings

  • How do you ensure a quality product is delivered?

    We have several protocols in place at every step of our production process to ensure the overall quality of all our delivered products.

  • Can we request updates and changes?

    This depends on your contract with Brand Legends. If we are providing Managed Brand Traffic Protection, any updates and changes are included.