When Others Take Advantage of Your Brand…

…we have a solution. Brand Legends offer specialist custom-made sites for retaining your share of search traffic.

How Brand Legends Can Get You One Step Ahead of the Competition

Brand Protection Sites can be used to prevent affiliates from taking advantage of your brand name on search engines. Affiliates can gain ranking positions at your expense by using your brand-related keywords.

This could be the case if you are in a line of business where competition is tough and where many competitors fight for the limelight.

Brand Legends can provide you with a solution. By implementing Brand Protection Sites, you can outrank competitors and affiliates on brand-related keywords and secure several positions on the first page of search engines.

When should you use Brand Protection?

While Brand Protection may seem like a good option for just about anyone with a web presence – it might not be the perfect solution for your business needs. Take a look at some of the criteria we consider for our customers. Alternatively, book an appointment with one of our sales representatives to discuss your business needs.

Criteria to Consider Before Investing in Brand Protection

When Competition is Rife

Affiliates possess high-ranking positions on keywords including YOUR brand name.

Increase in Return on Investment

To maximize the ROI on display and offline campaigns and retrieve the viewer via search engines.

To Boost Brand Reputation

Use the Brand protection sites to outrank negative publicity about your company and rank on the first page of your brand terms.

To Earn Multiple Ranking Positions

On Search Engines, the first position alone is not good enough for your brand name, you also need to have multiple positions.

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